Region 3 Child Care Referral Service

Looking for Quality Child Care?

Child Care Referral Services for Lenoir and Greene counties are now being served through the Region 3 Child Care Referral Service. For information on location, cost, hours, availability and star rating, parents may call (252)758-8885. Referrals are free and confidential.


Key questions every parent should ask:

  • What is the child care facility’s star rating?
  • How will teachers keep you informed about your child?
  • Do adults and children wash their hands after using the bathroom, eating, changing diapers, etc.?
  • Does the caregiver welcome parent drop-in visits and involvement?
  • Is there a safe outdoor environment with a variety of equipment?
  • Is there a balance of activities during the day?
  • Are materials and activities appropriate for each age group?
  • Is the facility clean, well maintained and free of potential hazards?
  • Are there positive guidance techniques used?
  • Are children supervised at all times?
  • What will a typical day at child care include?
  • Do the teachers engage children in conversation and ask questions to encourage creative thinking?
  • You know your child best — will your child be happy there?

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