New Policies & Procedures for Workshops

Partnership for Children, CCQR Sponsored Professional Development Policies and Procedures

**Effective October 2021**


Registration Process


  • To attend a workshop, payment and registration must be received by the deadline date, via the Partnership for Children (PFC) website:
  • Workshop registration closes one week prior to the workshop date if no one is registered. Otherwise workshop registration closes two business days prior to the workshop date or upon reaching capacity.
  • Registration(s) can be transferred in advance of a workshop by contacting the Partnership for Children at 252-939-1200.
  • Refunds are not permitted.


Cancellation Policy


  • Credits are issued in the name of the person or child care facility that paid for the workshop and are valid for one year.
  • A cancellation notice is required for emergency situations or illnesses that prohibits participants from attending a workshop. All cancellations are evaluated on a case by case basis.  Workshop credits are transferable to another workshop of equal or lesser value.
  • The PFC reserves the right to cancel workshops. Participants will be notified and issued a credit for a workshop of equal value for up to one year.  Participants are responsible to supply current contact information in the event we need to reach you to cancel a workshop.


Participation Requirements


  • Participates are required to join workshops within the first 10 minutes.
  • Attendance is required for the entire session and participation is expected in order to receive a certificate.
  • All virtual workshops require cameras on, dedicated space to participate and children shall not be in your care.




Download your copy HERE.

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