Child Passenger Safety Update

COVID-19 has definitely challenged us all in ways we could never imagine. We have taken time to review procedures and revise so that we ensure the safety of our CPS technicians as well as our families. Beginning in July, we will resume our car seat clinics each Wednesday from 9am-11am. As usual, an appointment is required but our protocols have changed as follows:

Safe Kids Car Seat Installation Protocol:

  1. COVID-19 questionnaire must be asked before the install begins.
  2. Temperatures will be checked and logged before installation.
  3. Parent will complete all paperwork and payment while in their vehicles and the technician will instruct the parent when to exit the vehicle when 6 feet of social distancing can be maintained.
  4. Mask and gloves must be worn the entire time of install by client and technician. Gloves will be provided by the PFC only after steps 1-3 are completed.
  5. Parent will be responsible for registering the weight and height of the child after all documents are filled out and payment is receipted.
  6. Parent must remain in their vehicle while the technician is demonstrating the install in the demonstration chair and until the technician is ready for the client to exit the vehicle.
  7. Parent will be responsible for installing the car seat in their vehicle and technician will perform inch test and visual inspection of pinch test when child is in the car seat.
  8. 6 feet social distance must be maintained throughout the entire time of install.

*Staff will wash or sanitize hands before and after installation. Staff temperatures will also be checked and logged before their workday begin*

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